From Garden Grilled Cheese Sandwiches to Strawberry Summer Salads

 - Mar 18, 2015
These on-the-go lunch recipes range from garden grilled cheese sandwiches to fruity summer salads that are infused with berry and arugula ingredients. Fans of classic subs will fall in love with miniature versions of their favorite deli sandwich. Cafes like Toronto's Delysées Bakery are offering palm-sized versions of Avocado Basil Cream Cheese and other signature subs and are targeting an urban consumer who leads a busy lifestyle.

While food retailers are looking to smaller portions, food bloggers are embracing fresh ingredients and are giving classic diner favorites a healthy overhaul. Some of these revamped lunch recipes include spinach grilled cheese sandwiches that feature a veggie bread base along with avocado-encased salads that are inspired by a traditionally loaded baked potato meal.