- May 7, 2015
These avocado-infused dishes range from familiar guacamole to unconventional sides.

Incredibly nutritious and filled with fiber, avocados are a popular fruit with great benefits. Eating this pear-like fruit aids in lowering cholesterol and offers more potassium to the body than bananas. Unlike apples or peaches, avocado typically isn't an on-the-go fruit which can be eaten as is. Instead, avocado is used in many delicious recipes while still being able to give the body its full benefits. This list of avocado-infused dishes offers a wide range of ways to gift the body the potassium and fiber it deserves while also offering quality flavor to the taste buds.

Such dishes as meatless Mediterranean burgers and avocado baked eggs are only the beginning of delicious avocado-infused dishes worth trying.

From Chicken Chopped Salads to Strawberry Salsa Recipes: