Miami's Franktitude Restaurant

 - Jun 30, 2007   Updated: May 16 2011
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Launched in 2006, Miami's Franktitude restaurant specializes in luxury hot dogs. The innovative restaurant cranks up one of America's favorite foods with high end ingredients and innovative combinations. For example, the Completo Frank features avocado, fresh tomatoes, sauer kraut and cheese. On the other hand, the Iconic Frank includes a whole wheat bun, tofu, fresh tomatoes, sliced mushrooms, pickles and black olives.

Implications - Just looking at the pictures in the featured gallery will surely make you crave a hot dog! Franktitude states that one of their main goals was to create and "offer a different product to one that you would normally find in a fast food restaurant." They claim that their hot dogs are actually healthy and will surprise your taste buds!