A Kia Ad Embarrases a Spectator to Promote the Kia 'Cerato'

 - May 28, 2013
References: kia & creativecriminals
Using the crowd camera of a football game in Australia, an ad by Kia called 'Pick of the Day' shamed a spectator and used it to advertise their new 'Kia Cerato'. Developed by ad agency Innocean Worldwide, the ad caught an unsuspecting spectator picking his nose and displayed the footage for the entire stadium to see.

After embarrassing the spectator, Kia showed a banner that said "He wouldn't feel so uncomfortable in the all new Cerato." While the shamed spectator received the crowd's adoration, Kia displayed another banner that said "So many features, there's never an uncomfortable moment."

The ad was very effective in raising awareness for the Cerato with the stunt gaining the attention of 30,000 football fans. Though the target of the campaign may now feel negatively about Kia, the ad managed to gain the attention of thousands of people.