From Star Struck Car Ads to Cheese Shooting Superheroes

 - Sep 25, 2013
The Asian target market is extremely vast. While being appealing on a global scale is important to companies, honing in on one particular demographic can provide successful results.

To appeal to an Asian demographic, many American companies are switching their focus and including cultural elements in their campaigns. By doing this, they hope they will be seen as an inclusive business that will generate popularity worldwide. For example, Domino's Pizza created Hatsune Miku, which is an Anime app that helps you order your pizza. Next, to promote Windows 8 Microsoft took an interesting approach to prove their system is fast and beautiful. The ad features Asian women struggling to put makeup on perfectly in less than ten seconds. The woman using Microsoft 8 was successful.

On the opposing end, Asian companies are also appealing to the Hollywood lifestyle to expand their target audience to more than just Asians. Chinese car company BAIC Motor Corporation featured Nicholas Cage driving one of their cars in a fast-paced action packed commercial.