The 'Piracy Uncovered' Uses Ghouls to Stop Software Piracy

 - May 30, 2013
References: adsoftheworld
Aiming to curb software piracy in Singapore, ad agency Wunderman developed a series of ads called 'Piracy Uncovered' for Microsoft. The ads take on a horror theme and have supernatural spirits following software pirates. Each time the protagonists of the commercials attempt to illegally install software, a ghost follows them ominously.

The commercials were developed to take advantage of supernatural mythology that's "deeply rooted in Asian cultures." By creating a new myth where software pirates invoke evil spirits, Wunderman was attempting to rewire the collective mythology.

Behind the horror and supernatural themes, the ads warn of malware from pirated software. Each ad shows files being mysteriously deleted or webcams being hijacked. Whether the ads play on supernatural or logical concerns, 'Piracy Uncovered' attempts to use a fear mongering tactic to prevent illegal software use.