- Feb 6, 2015
Bob Marley-inspired generations of fans with his iconic reggae tunes, unique sense of style and message of peace and love. As fans of his around the world mark the reggae legend's 70th birthday, it's as good a time as any to contemplate Marley's impact on everyone from artists and designers to marketers and businesspeople.

Unlike modern day pop stars who carefully craft their public persona and image -- I'm looking at you Miley Cyrus -- Bob Marley stayed true to himself when it came to his music, his style and his beliefs. This has always been appreciated by the public, reggae fans and the uninitiated alike.

Therefore, decades after his death, it's unsurprising that there are so many examples of Bob Marley-inspired artworks, ad campaigns and even ice cream flavors. You won't have to wait in vain to feel Bob Marley's impact because it's everywhere around you.

From Musician Finger Puppet Ads to Reggae Ice Cream Flavors: