Sarah Rosado Creates Portraits of Musicians Using Corn Flakes

 - Jun 11, 2014
References: sr-artwork & sneakhype
Sarah Rosado, a New York-based photographer and illustrator, creates art work that is extremely flaky -- and not in a bad way. Using Corn Flakes, the artist creates portraits of famous musicians.

Some of her cereal masterpieces are made in the likes of Amy Winehouse, Rihanna, Bob Marley, John Lennon and Michael Jackson. Each artist is designed using whole flakes, but Rosado sometimes crushes them up into smaller bits in order to achieve more distinguishing features.

She embarked on her breakfast-infused journey because she believes that latte art gets too much attention and that there is not enough love for the latte's "breakfast-minded sibling" cereal. However, is Corn Flakes her number one breakfast choice? Perhaps we will see Lucky Charms or Fruit Loops in her artworks in the near future.