Every Piece of Masida Packaging is Capped with a Korean Hat

 - Apr 16, 2013
References: behance.net & packagingoftheworld
A great way to foster a connection between a consumer and a product is to give the product a bit of personality. Masida packaging is enhanced with the incorporation of an iconic lid that would certainly speak to many shoppers.

Angeliki Georgiadi of Greece set out to bottle the alcoholic beverage in clean and contemporary containers that remain transparent. A bit of fun was had with the logo design, which was inspired by the geometries of the name's written symbols.

Since the origin of the drink is Korean, the designer strove to introduce some visual flair that would allow the image of the liquor to mirror the consumers' culture. Instead of regular utilitarian twist tops, Masida packaging was capped with hat-shaped stoppers. These resemble the traditional accessories of the Asian country and serve to playfully personify the product.