- Mar 29, 2014
Over the last year, plenty of big brands have been staging prankvertisements to promote products or services. As well as proving that the company has a sense of humor, prankvertising is generally a pretty great way to ensure your content goes viral.

Prankvertisements get viewers in on the action and makes them feel as if they’re in on the joke. In most cases, even though we know how the prank is meant to play out, it’s still fun to go along for the ride and see how the victims of the prank will react. Tapping into emotions is a huge part of successful advertising and whether a prank manages to get a laugh, or terrify you to your core, it’s easy to imagine how you might react in that same situation.

Pranks can be elaborate and hi-tech, but they also can be extremely low-tech and just as successful. The sky’s the limit with what kind of crazy stunts that can be pulled, which makes this kind of advertising easily accessible to businesses of all sizes.

From Fake Product Pranks to Pranking Airline Ads: