The Latest Durex Condom Commercial Features Pranking Boys

 - Nov 19, 2012
References: & adverblog
The Durex Condom commercial leaves behind its normal raunchy and sexy adverts for something more humorous and young spirited.

Set up as a bit featuring two boys pranking innocent passerbys as they throw waterballoons from high above, the aim of the advert is to demonstrate how durable the latex condom really is. After they use up all of their own supply of balloons, they go into their older brothers room to find a supplement. The balloon replacements are condoms, which is filled with water and then released on a woman on her cellphone. To both of their surprises, the balloon does not pop but rather bounces off the woman's head and onto the floor.

This comical Durex condom commercial is a great way to not only show how durable the contraceptive is but also how reassuring it can be to know its effectiveness.