Get a Computer Virus and an Early Weekend with the Happy Hour Virus

 - Nov 16, 2013
References: & gizmodo
Normally when you get a computer virus, it can cause sweaty palms and freak-outs about lost data and the money you'll have to put in to wipe you system clean. But the 'Happy Hour Virus' is one that most people probably wouldn't mind putting on their computers, especially since it has the potential to help end your work day early.

After visiting the single serving site for the 'Happy Hour Virus,' users can choose three ways to make it seem like their computer is on the fritz: the 'Kernal Panic,' 'Broken Monitor,' or the ever-dreaded 'Blue Screen of Death.'

The funny site was created by Ad agency TDA Boulder and it wittily promotes a work-life balance and directs users to its careers page.