- Nov 28, 2014
What would the Internet be without viral video content? The term 'viral' may be grossly overused, but a lot of videos are worthy of the title due to their wildfire-like spread and enduring appeal.

A lot of viral videos have a funny undertone to them. This is certainly the case with parody videos and mash-ups that create unexpected blends of pop culture phenomena. Videos of people reacting to videos also have a tendency to go viral especially if the reactions are hilarious and over-the-top.

Viral video content doesn't necessarily have to be funny, naughty, cheeky or irreverent. A lot of the most memorable viral videos contain serious content. Good examples of these include public service announcement videos and thought-provoking videos aiming to promote a charitable cause or spread a socially good message.

From Dubstep Singing Birds to Viral Catcalling PSA Parodies: