Abercrombie & Fitch Models Take a Stab at 'The Fox'

 - Sep 29, 2013
References: adweek & jezebel
Ylvis made headlines with the video for his silly techno pop song ‘The Fox,’ and now the people over at Abercrombie & Fitch are hoping to capitalize on its success with the release of their own ‘the fox’ parody video. Of course, this video is a lot sexier than its counterpart, featuring gorgeous, half-naked Abercrombie models lip-synching the song whilst wearing various animal ears and face paint.

Throughout the song there are several close-ups to the stars who caressing each other’s washboard abs – though I’m sure no one is complaining. The video also features a choreographed dance number (in a forest) during the song's "what does the fox say?" chorus. This video tries hard to show us that Abercrombie’s models possess more than just super human good looks -- they also have a little bit of rhythm.