These Viral Video Parody Examples One-Up the Originals

 - Mar 23, 2014
When a video becomes super popular on the Internet, you can be sure that a viral video parody will be hot on its heels. Just like the source video, these spoofs can come from individuals or brands, interpreted with a unique perspective and sense of humor.

Last year, one of the most watched and shared viral videos was undoubtedly Volvo’s 'Epic Split' featuring Jean-Claude Van Damme. This inspired several spinoffs, including one of an animated Chuck Norris performing the splits between to airplanes, which was again one-upped by an epic version showing Van Damme at it once again, this time in outer space. These were both phenomenally well done and it was a great opportunity for animators to show off their abilities and rack up a ton of views on YouTube.

At the moment, one extremely popular video that’s in circulation is 'First Kiss,' which has strangers share awkwardly endearing lip-locks. So far, it’s been spoofed with same-sex couples, canines and smooches with sandwiches.