This Lady Gaga Spoof Describes Users' Desire to be Famous on Tumblr

 - Sep 17, 2013
References: & staff.tumblr
Franchesca Ramsey, who goes by by the username "Chescaleigh" across the Internet, created this Lady Gaga spoof in the style of 'Applause' to accurately portray that Tumblr users' want to have large followings and numbers of "reblogs" on the blogging platform.

This Lady Gaga 'Applause' parody is aptly titled 'Reblogs' and describes the how people want to be "Tumblr famous" and have their content spread virally across Tumblr by being shared time and time again.

Lady Gaga's song describes how she "lives for the applause," support and encouragement from her fans. Alike Lady Gaga's song, Ramsey's parody describes how she and many other Tumblr users "live for the reblogs" and the attention and from followers. This hilarious Lady Gaga spoof shows an obsession with online sharing and receiving attention for content posted.