Victors & Spoils Photoshop Video is a Festive Twist on a Viral Hit

 - Dec 19, 2013
References: vimeo & sploid.gizmodo
Earlier this year, a Photoshop video went viral that showed a normal, gorgeous woman into an impossibly perfect model. For Christmas, ad agency Victors & Spoils spoofed this video by turning the woman into a fat, pale and white-haired Santa Claus, complete with a hairy white back and legs.

The photo of the woman in the red bikini was altered to look like a character who is lovable, but not necessarily attractive.

In the video showing this transformation, Victors & Spoils notes that ad agencies go to great lengths to get the perfect image and that they’re no different. However, Victors & Spoils’ version proves that just as Photoshop can go too far sometimes to completely transform someone into an unrecognizable person, which can be fun if it’s done in jest like this.