This Hilarious Jaguar Ad Makes Fun of Mercedez' Chicken Commercial

 - Dec 18, 2013
References: youtube
A few months ago, Mercedez-Benz released a chicken commercial that drew parallels between the stability of its vehicles and the strange fact that you can move a chicken’s body in any way and its head will stay perfectly still.

The Mercedez ad is quirky and clever, but Jaguar has one-upped the commercial with its ‘Jaguar vs. Chicken’ parody video.

The video is set up just like the Mercedes commercial, showing a chicken’s body, but not its head bopping to the beat. In a few seconds, a flurry of feathers erupts and the camera pans to a powerful Jaguar, who seems to have made the chicken disappear. The ad is a brilliant demonstration of how the agile, catlike reflexes of the Jaguar are far more impressive than the silly movements of a chicken.