From Nutty Eco Cars to Fuel Cell Supercars

 - Apr 21, 2014
The annual Los Angeles Auto Show has for many years served as a great event for automakers to showcase and show off their latest offerings, whether they are road-ready production vehicles, exclusive one-off creations or futuristic concept cars that hint at the future of the auto industry.

Over the years, the hugely anticipated event has seen a diverse range of cars make show-stopping appearances and often even debuting by making their first public appearance at the event.

This year, much of the buzz surrounding the Los Angeles Auto Show has to do with the highly-anticipated return of the Mercedes Maybach luxury car.

However, the Los Angeles Auto Show isn't just about luxury vehicles. The last few years have seen an explosion in the introduction of old-school town cars and eco-friendly family cars in addition to their luxury counterparts. Muscle trucks and SUVs have also barged into car-lovers' collective consciousness by making their presence felt at the Los Angeles Auto Show.