The 'Ode to Hill and Adamson' by Maisie Broadhead Brings Art to Life

 - Aug 4, 2012
References: maisiebroadhead & vimeo
Artist Maisie Broadhead has created a stunning recreation of an old photograph from the 1800s in her 'Ode to Hill and Adamson' video.

The video features a time-lapse production of the making of the Hill and Adamson portrait. The video starts out with what seems to be an empty room with a lonely looking picture frame standing in the center. Then all at once we see an interesting step-by-step creation process unfold. The film starts out with the placement of the back wall, which is then painted and decorated, and finishes off with another wall added to the front of the frame. Almost as if instantly transporting you into the picture frame, we see a painting come to life in the setting of someone's living room.

Maisie Broadhead, a London based artist, creates fine art photographic parodies. Her work is being shown in an exhibition in the National Gallery in London.