This Wrecking Ball Remix Will Give You Nightmares for Life

 - Nov 23, 2013
References: observationdeck.io9 & youtube
Someone out there in the universe of the Internet decided to make a devilish 'Wrecking Ball' remix in G minor. Pop star Miley Cyrus has recently had her emotional ballad turned into something Satan could groove to. This cover will warp your mind and make your ears bleed.

This remix is horrifying on so many levels. The vocals sound like something that would come out of the mouth of a hell spawn (a literal one, not a figurative one like in the original). The instruments are low and crashing making it sound like the sound track to a horror movie. Even the visuals are eerie, having been converted so the colors are in reverse.

This video is very creepy, so watch at your own risk. I’d say that it was disturbing from start to finish, but to be honest I only made it through half of it without having to stop and look at pictures of cats to calm me down. It is fascinating just how much artists and creative individuals can transform a song from its original version.