The Korean Pop Group 'Sistar' Parodies Sailor Moon in This Commercial

 - Jan 14, 2014
References: kotaku
Korean pop group Sistar have appeared in a commercial for the online Korean shopping site '11st' as the characters from the popular anime show Sailor Moon.

Dubbed 'Sailor Stars,' this parody version of the Sailor Scouts doesn't fight villains or try to save the world, but rather dances and sings. In the commercial, the four members of Sistar are dressed in dazzling uniforms like the characters from Sailor Moon normally wear, but are no less still recognizable as the uniforms worn by the characters, even matching the same colors. The music that Sistar or 'Sailor Star' sings will be instantly recognizable to fans of the series as being the theme song to Sailor Moon.

While I'm not sure I understand exactly what the commercial is about, it's still incredibly fun and nostalgic nonetheless.