College Humor Devised Its Own First Kiss Video Parody

 - Mar 22, 2014
This 'First Kiss' video parody spoofs the original by Tatia Pllieva for the LA-based fashion label Wren. In this version, instead of showing two strangers kissing, College Humor recreates the awkward and endearing experiences with '10 Strangers Eat Sandwiches for the First Time.' Some of the best moments come from the dialogue, such as when a woman compliments the sandwich by telling it: "you have beautiful rye," or when a man introduces himself as Eric and points to his breaded companion named "PBJ."

Since the original is so spoof-able, this is just one of the many comical takes on First Kiss that is popping up online. Other parodies have shown same-sex couples, dogs and people having other intimate encounters in the style of First Kiss, but none with an inanimate partner. College Humor puts it best when it says: "Love is fleeting. A good hoagie is forever."