The Epic 'Zero Gravity Split' Spoofs Volvo's Viral Video

 - Mar 6, 2014
References: youtube & sploid.gizmodo
The 'Zero Gravity Split' makes an epic viral video even more epic. Volvo's 'Epic Split' featuring Jean-Claude Van Damme was one of the most viewed viral videos in 2013, but one of the problems with attaining "epic" status is that people will always try to one-up it.

Last year, in response to the Epic Split, an animated spoof was created, featuring Chuck Norris doing the splits between the wings of two airplanes, while balancing a pyramid of men on his head.

This video response created by Lihn Mai of Last Cause Film once again puts Van Damme on top with a gorgeous animation of the whole stunt in space, with satellites and a zero gravity split. Mai humorously notes that the stunt is "one split for man, one giant leap for mankind."