Elders React Captures Senior Citizens’ Reaction to Music V

 - Sep 24, 2013
References: youtube & laughingsquid
Fine Brothers duo Benny and Rafi are back with the latest instalment of their web series ‘Elders React.’ This time, they capture the reactions of senior citizens watching a viral music video entitled ‘The Fox.’ If you’ve seen this video, you’ll know it’s a super silly techno song that features famous YouTuber Ylvis going on a wild goose-chase (fox hunt?) searching for the sound a fox makes.

These senior citizens sure don’t disappoint, displaying a full spectrum of emotion in response to the song, from apprehension to confusion to laughter ,to more confusion. One elder even muses, "You think there’s some significant meaning to this?" While the elders never come to philosophical conclusion as to the deeper meaning of the song, their reactions are sure to get a laugh! This video is even accompanied by a bonus video for those who can’t get enough.