- May 10, 2014
Pregnancy photos are a wonderful way to keep track of a baby's development, as well as the changes that the mother goes through during those nine months. Unless you're planning to relive pregnancy again by having another child, these kinds of photos are the perfect way to preserve once-in-a-lifetime moments.

Some of the most creative ideas for tracking mom-and-baby development include comparing a growing baby to the size of other objects, like foodie Carolee Beckham did, documenting when her baby was the size of a blueberry, lemon, avocado and so on.

Some of these series go more for a fun vibe than an artsy one, like one photo taken per month set up to look like mock magic show or a scenario where mom's stomach is being inflated as her baby gets closer to its birth date.

From Expecting Ballerina Photography to Foodie Gestation Diaries: