This Series of Pregnant Couple Photography is Sweet and Serene

 - Mar 11, 2014
References: janaromanova & boredpanda
Russian photographer Jana Romanova takes intimate and heartwarming photos of unsuspecting couples in bed.

After her friends started getting married and settling down with children, Romanova needed a way to accept and deal with the changes. She took to art through photography in a tender series called 'Waiting.' The series portrays sleeping couples in the early morning light and are captured from a bird's eye view. Over the course of this project, Romanova managed to find 40 couples, each one representing another week of pregnancy.

These portraits are beautiful and innocent, and depict soon-to-be parents sleeping in on the weekends. These are also charming because they depict life before the arrival of the new born, and are simplistic yet meaningful memories of couples starting families.