- Jan 3, 2015
These 2014 lifestyle trends range from elaborate pet furnishings to detailed egg boiling guides that will appeal to the self-described foodie.

Today's cat and dog products are becoming more and more elaborate as pets become recognized as members of one's family rather than just kept animals. Stylish cat shelving and luxe dog beds are just some of the pet-themed products taking the retail market by storm.

In addition to pets, food and drink innovations make up this list of 2014 lifestyle trends. Fresh food vending machines and unpackaged food supermarkets are focusing on freshness and transparency. These food innovations target eco-friendly and health-conscious consumers who care about what they are putting into their body.

On the sports front, artisanal and sustainable bicycles are replacing cars as a popular mode of transportation for urban dwellers. These cycling products are made with innovative materials and are crafted with style and performance in mind.

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From Elaborate Pet Furnishings to Boiled Egg Cooking Guides: