The LUMA Three-Wheeled Vehicle Can Be Operated Easily by Anyone Ambulatory

 - Jan 9, 2014
References: & yankodesign
You do not have to be in tip-top shape to ride the LUMA Three-Wheeled Vehicle, for it does not require the same balance and range of motion that your typical bicycle does. Designed by Bart Zimny, this inverted tricycle concept is stable and it's propelled by muscle power without the same circular movements.

It looks as though you can either stand or perch your backside on the solid fender over the rear wheel. From your preferred position, begin pushing your feet onto the pedals one by one, much the same as you would on a stationery step cycle. This efficient conveyance requires work from the muscles that you tend to exercise on a daily basis anyway so that the LUMA Three-Wheeled Vehicle doesn't make you feel like you need training.