- Jan 3, 2015
Unsurprisingly, a lot of the biggest 2014 auto trends have to do with making vehicles more eco-friendly and fuel-efficient. Such vehicles are valuable for two reasons -- they stand to have less impact on the environment, and they represent cost savings when compared to your traditional gas-guzzler.

Based on production and concept auto releases in 2014, it's safe to say that the ideal vehicle this year is one that is fuel-efficient and eco-friendly but doesn't compromise on speed, safety and luxury.

Multimedia features and connectivity are also increasingly important to customers, with many young car-buyers having practically been raised on GPS systems and Bluetooth music players.

However, not all autos work on four wheels of course, and there is a growing market for two-wheelers of all kinds. These range from racing-style motorbikes to portable electric scooters designed for the urban commuter looking for a way to speed up short-distance journeys in the city.

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