The Rolls Royce 450EX Yacht Concept is Insanely Sleek and Contemporary

 - Mar 24, 2014
References: projeqt & dvice
The Rolls Royce 450EX yacht concept is a design that very few people will be hard pressed not to appreciate. Even if the admirer is not a car person or even a boat person, the sleek lines, shiny exterior and luxury interior will entice them to daydream about cruising along calm waters in no time. It is slightly disappointing that it is only a concept.

Designed by Stefan Monro, who recently completed an internship at Rolls-Royce, the Rolls Royce 450EX yacht concept is modelled after the brand's Phantom. Not only does it sport an oversized grill and 'spirit of ecstasy' hood ornament, the Rolls Royce 450EX yacht concept has enough seating for six people as well as a wood-lined rear deck that can be dived off of.