The Link Urban Logistics System Would Use Trams to Distribute Cargo

 - May 17, 2014
References: cargocollective & tuvie
The Link Urban Logistics System builds upon some of the innovative ideas that have come from forward-thinking industrial designers as of late. Similar to the connecting cars that you may have read about, this concept proposes modular cargo containers that could be moved by existing transportation infrastructure.

Ayelet Fishman suggests compact freight cases that come with four-wheeled frames. When various shipments are brought from one city to another, these can be stored in a warehouse on the outskirts before dispatch. When it's time to send them to their different destinations, the concept car containers can be programmed to head in the right direction. The Link Urban Logistics System would sync up with the local network of buses and streetcars and hitch a ride for an efficient and incredibly eco-friendly method of carriage.