GELENK Transporter Increases the Efficiency and Economy of Shipping

 - Jan 28, 2014
References: & yankodesign
The GELENK Truck concept presents a clever alternative to the cumbersome conveyances that we currently see on the road. This project explores the possibilities of an efficient and futuristic-looking tractor-trailer that can change form to transport loads of different sizes in various circumstances.

Takbeom Heogh's idea was to develop a system of shipping containers with wheels that can be operated individually and autonomously. Each of these would have its own docking point, a wireless antenna, a GPS unit and a display panel glass along its side, for information or advertising. These could be driven and tracked easily, yet you could also load one or several GLENEK Trucks onto streamlined designed rigs. Comfortable elevating cockpits and accurate cornering are a couple of its bonus features.