The Nimue 490 Has a Long Graceful Body That Curves with the Current

 - Feb 26, 2014
References: facebook & tuvie
What might look like a lengthy tail on the Nimue 490 is the elegant elongated front of the day cruiser. Far more exaggerated in form than most watercraft, this luxury private vessel simply slices through the lake or the sea for a supremely smooth ride.

Timon Sager designed this motorboat to take a look comparable to that of his Bairim model. While the two share a similar fish-like shape, the Nimue 490 has one major difference that also separates it from just about any yacht that you will have witnessed. Inspired by the Protei, this concept conveyance has a nose that curves. With three points of particular flexibility, the Nimue 490's front can help you navigate narrows for a swift journey topping at 77km/h.