The Ryno Micro-Cycle is a Powerful and Compact Conveyance

 - Feb 13, 2014
References: rynomotors & tuvie
If you considered the motorcycle, the moped or even the scooter to be smart ways to get around congested city streets, you will certainly be drawn to the Ryno Micro-Cycle. This is the unicycle version of a motorbike that offers even greater convenience in terms of operation and storage.

With a price tag of under $6,000, this compact vehicle will appeal to the consumer market as a machine that consumes fuel modestly and costs little -- if anything -- to park. The owner is even afforded the option of bringing the mini Ryno Motors automobile up into elevators for safekeeping inside of offices and apartments. Furthermore, the Ryno Micro-Cycle would not be inappropriately driven on sidewalks and it offers an agility that can evade traffic jams by weaving around cars.