The Honda NM4 is Inspired by Anime Character Shotaro Kaneda

The 2015 Honda NM4 is a motorbike that looks like it should belong to Kaneda, the Japanese Manga character who rode a bad-ass motorbike. In fact, Honda admits that it was specifically inspired by and paying tribute to this fictional bike while designing the NM4.

The Honda NM4 has a 670 cc parallel-twin engine and main frame very similar to Honda's NC700X adventure bike and CTX700 cruiser. Its engine is hooked up to Honda's Dual Clutch Transmission. The engine cylinders are set forward at a 62-degree angle that radically lowers the center of gravity, making the bike feel a lot lighter than its 562-pound weight.

The bike costs $11,000 and could work out to be a dream purchase for people who grew up on anime and Manga before becoming bike fiends.