This Personal Quadrofoil Boasts High Speed and Low Noise on the Water

 - Nov 10, 2014
References: quadrofoil & luxurylaunches
The Quadrofoil is an impressive all-electric personal watercraft that looks like something out of a sci-fi movie, although this is the real deal. The idea was first introduced as a prototype back in 2012, and now the production version of the personal hydrofoil is now ready for global pre-orders.

Aside from its design, some of the most impressive features of the watercraft include that it produces virtually no pollution, zero emissions and only small waves, thanks to hydrofoils and the electric motor. Size-wise, the watercraft is capable of seating two adults and boasts being able to reach speeds of 30 km/h or 16 knots. In terms of cost, this impressive watercraft will set you back about $28,000, although you'll definitely have some impressive adventures on the water.