From Sapphire Secret Watches to Gold-Infused Beer

 - Dec 27, 2014
In addition to the exceptionally opulent couture lines included in this collection of the top December 2014 luxury ideas, there are also high-end alcohol beverages, beauty products and homes.

Brands like Pang Pang and Guinness are reinventing their reputations by glamorizing their products. Adding real flakes of gold to its beer, Pang Pang portrays a more elitist image for the everyday drink. Similarly, Guinness's The 1759 limited-edition ale is marketed as a beer that should be sipped from a champagne flute because of its velvety smooth texture and exclusive recipe.

This list of the top December 2014 luxury ideas also includes beautiful timepieces, lavish yachts and designer grocery shopping trolleys by Louis Vuitton.

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