The Suckerfish Attaches to Automobiles to Harness Energy to Operate

 - Jan 13, 2014
There are all sorts of eco-friendly torches emerging on the market, but the Suckerfish Flashlight demonstrates a uniquely inventive approach to powering up. Unlike some of the models that you might have seen, it does not rely on manual mechanical energy, nor solar power; this product charges in the wind.

While the common complaint against wind energy is the lack of efficiency, a team of designers found an innovative way to intensify its effect. A small wind turbine is encased within the streamlined shell of the handheld fixture, which is intended to be kept stuck to the side of a vehicle. Driving at even low speeds is sufficient to give the Suckerfish Flashlight power. This product by Professor Bao Haimo and company would be ideal for taking on camping trips.