- Apr 8, 2014
Electric tricycles are a relatively new phenomenon, but they are fast becoming a popular way to get around. Electric tricycles have prompted a re-think of transportation options due to the fact that they make a mockery of two most common traditional assumptions about tricycles -- that they are pedal-powered and that they are for kids.

Many of the electric tricycles on the market or still under development are vehicles that you wouldn't want to let kids near. They are meant for adults either as a means of day-to-day transportation but also for use as a racing or stunt vehicle.

Not only do electric tricycles move fast, but they are eco-friendly, making them a popular choice for many eco-conscious people. Despite their emerging relatively recently, there are already many kinds of electric tricycles out there, ranging from vehicles specially designed for tourists to others constructed for use by people with disabilities.

From High-Speed Electric Tricycles to Disability-Friendly Electric Trikes: