The Uniq Electric Trike Carves Through Traffic of 2040

 - Feb 2, 2012
References: kirangangadharan & tuvie
Transportation is getting greener every day, which means that pretty soon concepts like the Uniq Electric Trike will be the norm rather than the exception on the road. Uniq was designed by Kiran Gangadhran for the year 2040. The trike is powered by entirely eco-friendly means and cuts a thin and futuristic figure.

The Uniq Electric Trike is powered by electric motors mounted into its hubless rear wheels. The large window enclosing the driving pod will have solar cells placed onto it to provide further power. Gangadhran's design is certainly unique, but it is also a lot like the other vehicles designers have been creating for the future in terms of how its powered and its small size. These designs may just be concepts now, but they indicate a future in which the personal transportation is smaller, greener and more maneuverable.