The Tribey ‘Electric Trike’ Follows is Eco-Friendly

 - Aug 1, 2012
References: blacksparrowindustries & gizmodo
The Tribey ‘Electric Trike’ furthers the current movement towards ecological transportation. A single electric charge can power the bicycle for approximately 18 miles, although this all depends on how quickly one chooses to accelerate. At 25 mph, users may cover considerable distances while endorsing a green travel concept.

The Electric Trike, otherwise known as the Tribey M7, can be custom made for consumers over the age of 16. Even those who fall within this age grouping are required to sign a liability waiver however, a stipulation that makes sense given the structures upright features. Riders are supposed to stand up while on the Electric Trike, making it an interesting cross between a longboard and the average two-wheeler, only with an advanced environmentally sound technology.