Have Fun Eating Your Eggs with the Arthur Suit of Armor Egg Cup

 - Feb 2, 2014
References: animicausa & thegreenhead
The Arthur Suit of Armor Egg Cup is a whimsical way to enjoy your morning soft boiled or hard boiled egg.

Completely covered in their Arthurian armor, your eggs will be sufficiently protected and able to defend themselves against any threat that seeks to do them harm, except of course from you. The Suit of Armor Egg Cup comes with a serving spoon that doubles as sword for your newly knighted hard boiled egg. The helmet is of course detachable, letting you feast on your egg knight that has faithfully served your breakfast realm.

With eggs being a morning staple of any nutritious breakfast, the Arthur Suit of Armor Egg Cup is great idea that is sure to add fun to many breakfast tables across America and the world, regardless of age.