It’s Easy to Make DIY Beer Bottle Cups for Drinking Enthusiast

 - Feb 3, 2014
References: lifehacker & trusper
If you are an alcohol enthusiast and love saving money at the same time, then the DIY Beer Bottle Cups are a new project for you. In just five easy steps, individuals can make sleek and classy drinking cups from their favorite liquor brand. Glass cups can be made from beer, vodka, rum and even whiskey bottles.

The DIY project takes five fairly simple steps for daring individuals. It involves lighting a string dipped in lighter fluid and cracking glass under running water. First, tie a string dipped in lighter fluid around the desired spot, then burn the string that will burn the glass, run it under water to cool it down, then add finishing touches by shaping the edges smooth for a drinking-ready glass cup.

The project is particularly great for bottle collectors. Now the bottles that line your shelves can have a use.