Corella Meat Branding Indicates the Exact Cut of the Animal Inside

 - Feb 22, 2014
References: & thedieline
Corella meat packaging demystifies the experience of buying various types of cheeses, pork, beef and poultry by telling the consumer exactly what sort of animal he's about to eat and from where on that creature the cut has come.

The small butcher shop in Spain enlisted the assistance of Fauna to freshen up the store's identity. The successful route that was taken by the design firm was to establish a clean and coherent look to take the mess out of the purchasing process. The cooking part is always another story.

Plain white backgrounds make up the labels and the bags, and these are printed upon simply with minimal black text and basic black livestock illustrations. Finally, Corella meat packaging features red and golden rectangles to delineate and distinguish rumps from ribs.