Stafidenios Raisins Turns Packaging into a Toy

 - Oct 2, 2014
References: & blog.esko
Stafindenios Raisins have come up with interactive packaging design that will successfully entertain kids -- even after the snack is long-gone!

Children can be restless and impatient, a fact that the company knows very well. In an attempt to add a sense of play to its product, Stafindenios Raisins decorated the interior of each box. The child can then fold the carton to create a fun character or animal, a move intended to "stimulate their imagination and creativity."

The carton is immediately transformed from something boring, necessary and functional, into something inventive and playful. Better yet, the packaging doesn't immediately go to waste, but instead becomes a 3D toy figure that will delight and amuse your child.