From Kid-Friendly Vegetable Juices to Active Children's Drinks

 - Nov 6, 2015
These healthy drinks for kids range from kid-friendly vegetable juices to active children's drinks that are packed with organic proteins. While the idea of a traditional protein shake might not seem appropriate for children, recipes like Super Healthy Kids' Chocolate Peanut Butter beverage are made with natural ingredients that are beneficial to a child's growth and development. While most adult protein blends can feature harmful additives, this recipe pairs natural ingredients together to create a drink that is packed with Vitamin D and healthy Omega 3 fats.

When looking at packaged products ruling today's market, a focus on healthy milks is prevalent. Packed with calcium and added vitamins, these examples include Milk Magic's cotton candy milk range that is surprisingly nutritious. Though its junk food flavoring may deceive some, the brand's kid-friendly milk range is low in sugar, rich in vitamins and features real fruit ingredients. Most importantly, its familiar flavoring appeals to picky eaters.

Moreover, these healthy drinks for kids also include child-focused herbal teas that are a sugar-free alternative to traditional juices. These examples are also caffeine-free and are available in both hot and cold tea beverage varieties.