Milksplash Makes the Healthy Drink More Delicious for Growing Kids

 - Jun 16, 2014
References: milksplash & theshelbyreport
MilkSplash by S&D Beverage Innovations launches their brand new milk flavoring packets that are designed to make milk more delicious for growing kids. Parents who have trouble with picky eaters and reluctant milk drinkers will love this delicious and calorie free product. The product is sold in five tasty flavors that include Sir Strawberry Swirl and Cocoa Loco.

Sold at North American Target and Walmart retailers, this milk flavoring product is guaranteed to make the healthy beverage more appealing to kids with picky tastes and features a fun packaging concept that gives bottles human features.

Each of the flavored Milksplash products is transformed into a brightly colored and engaging character that kids will love. Every bottle makes at least 24 servings and is said to be a great solution to high sugar content in kids’ beverages.