From Nutty Superfood Shakes to Fruity Seed Smoothies

 - Jul 9, 2015
A well-executed breakfast smoothie an ideal way to get your brain and metabolism moving first thing in the morning. Whether you are looking to power up with protein or give yourself a pick-me-up with a handful of fresh fruit, there a plenty of easy, at-home recipes that you can easily master and eliminate the temptation of that $8 green juice on your way into work.

While the latest in seasonal produce is an obvious go-to addition, there are plenty of superfoods that can take your breakfast smoothie to the next level. Chia, ground flax and hemp seeds are an excellent way to introduce fiber and protein to your system as soon as you wake.

Another easy addition is kefir, coconut water or yogurt in order to replace sugary juice cocktails or heavy dairy products.