- Jul 9, 2015
These smoothie ideas range from funky fruity beverages to unconventional mash-ups. However, no matter the style of smoothie, these beverages aim to refresh and satisfy any health-conscious consumer.

While blueberry pie smoothies allow the consumer to take the popular pie on-the-go, festive pumpkin pie smoothies bring the taste of autumn to the summer season. These smoothie ideas also feature frozen smoothie confections. Creamy smoothie ice pops are a fun summer treat while frozen smoothie desserts make the perfect movie night snack.

For a healthy alternative to milkshakes and sugary juices, salty avocado smoothies are high in antioxidants whereas exotic green smoothies offer health benefits such as an increase in energy levels, a boast in concentration and a handful of vitamins.

From Exotic Green Smoothies to Refreshing Pie Smoothies: